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Eskape Mate and MakerBot: A love story

November 11th, 2013

Can you see it? She’s beautiful. A sexy weather proof steel frame. Roughly 7 liters of building space, and a printing resolution of as little as 100 microns. Her single extruder coupled with MakerBots patented filament; She prints faster than ever, using less energy, and less shrinkage (zing). For the first time ever you can create professional grade 3D prints from your home desktop computer. But enough about the Replicator 2, let’s talk Eskape Mate and how we plan on using our MakerBot.

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There are so many things you can do with a 3D printer. Recently we were intrigued about a project MakerBot helped come to fruition, the Robohand. This was started by Richard Van As who accidentally sawed some of his fingers off. Shortly after printing his own parts a parent contacted him in hopes he would help make a prosthetic for her son. This is great, offering a low cost solution for something you would constantly need to replace for a growing child.

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We plan on getting involved with this and more. Think, a team dedicated to working with veterans for a more permanent solution to prosthetics. Cheaper, more lightweight, and strong. How about 3D printed artificial bones, or an interchangeable enclosure for a circuit board? With our Replicator 2 and Digitizer, The sky’s the limit and we plan on seeing just how far that is.

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Locally this is a win for everyone. Eskape Mate is the only team in the tri state area with a 3D printer and will be working closely with the public research and development style. Know your in good hands. Our team is staffed with professional engineers, designers, and visionaries. A few of the things we will be spearheading include medical development, housing for security devices, search and rescue products, custom prints, and robotics. We also understand many of you have big ideas and little pockets, so we’ll be running a program where anyone can submit ideas. Nothing is too big, small, or weird for Eskape Mate. So what are you waiting for?

If you want to see the 3D printing magic in person connect with our social media to find events where we’ll be doing live prints.

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